Lava Lamps

  • HypherionMC
  • 21 Sep 2020



Lava lamps have made their way to Minecraft. These works of art lights up a room with a display of moving fluid!



Lava Lamps are craftable making them survival friendly. Below are the crafting instructions


Normal Crafting


To craft the Lava Lamp, you will need:

  • 2x Glass Blocks
  • 1x Stone

Place the glass blocks from the top center and place the stone in the bottom center block (or see the above image)


Quick Information

  • Minecraft Versions: 1.16.5
  • 1.16 Available Since: 1.4
  • Colors: Orange
  • Other:

    Colored Light

    Survival Friendly


    Stackable 64

    Light Value 8